| Opel Corsa launch and “The Normal Ones” campaign
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Opel Corsa launch and “The Normal Ones” campaign



Product Experience
About This Project

Germany’s “most normal” movement

With “I’m the normal one”, Jürgen Klopp coined a legendary phrase at his inaugural press conference in Liverpool. brandscape has now used that to develop a 360° brand campaign including a product focus on the new Corsa: “The Normal Ones”. Opel and prominent testimonials ask the question of how normal Germany actually is, with thousands of fans committing themselves to being completely normal. Actor Michael Kessler, top model Eva Padberg, “Let’s Dance” veteran Jorge González and RebellComedy are supporting the campaign and, together with Jürgen Klopp, have interpreted normal typical German values and virtues in a personal, new and modern way. A roadshow with first-hand contact to the new Corsa turns multimedia theory into exciting (driving) practice. At the “Opel Kiosk”, participants can look forward to coffee, competitions and friendly Opel staff, as well as the chance of meeting one of the prominent brand ambassadors – not only in the flesh, but even on a mutual test drive that is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

More than 23 million online contacts and 8000 visitors at the first two tour stops are a successful first summary of the ongoing campaign, which comes together at

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